Monday, February 20, 2012

CAA Basketball Bloggers' Poll - Week of 2/20/2012

This week's update is quicker and less thorough than previous weeks.  So goes life.  I'm copying my explanation I sent to the gentleman who runs the CAA Bloggers' Poll in its place.

Check out my article on the impact a healthy Chris Fouch has for first-place Drexel.

Don't ask me about the change in fonts; I don't understand sometimes.

My email to Mat:

Drexel continues to play the best all-around game in the conference, having won 15 straight and 21 of 22.  Consistent with my voting tendancies I moved GMU above VCU because of head-to-head results, and if the Rams win in the season finale I'll put them above the Patriots next week.  Those two teams are about as even you can get.  Delaware's recent performance moves them into the second-tier of CAA teams with Old Dominion, which can secure the fourth seed in the tournament with one win this week.  Georgia State has won five of its last six, though that one loss was to Delaware.  Northeastern is the best team of the bottom half of the conference.  Kudos to Hofstra for being the lone "bottom six" CAA team for winnings its Bracket Buster game.

My ballot:

1. Drexel (23-5, 14-2; first place last week)

2. George Mason (23-6, 14-2; third place last week)

3. Virginia Commonwealth (23-6, 13-3; second place last week)

4. Old Dominion (18-11, 12-4; fourth place last week)

5. Delaware (15-12, 10-6; fifth place last week)

6. Georgia State (19-9, 10-6; sixth place last week)

7. Northeastern (12-15, 8-8; seventh place last week)

8. UNC Wilmington (9-18, 5-11; eighth place last week)

9. James Madison (11-18, 4-12; ninth place last week)

10. Hofstra (9-20, 2-14; elventh place last week)

11. William and Mary (5-24, 3-13; tenth place last week)

12. Towson (1-28, 1-15; twelfth place last week)

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