Wednesday, October 5, 2011

News from The Last Three Weeks

We need to get caught up a bit.

I started this blog this past summer in hopes of sharing my thoughts on football, Old Dominion, the Buffalo Bills and pop culture.  As the football season approached I was granted an opportunity to contribute to the FCS Roundtable at, and there's been some quality reporting among the members. 

Soon I became a regular writer for the site and have composed a couple fun articles, one about Towson's stunning win over Villanova and another about Old Dominion's first 27 games to date.  I also began writing for the CAA Zone.  It's been fun contributing to a website I've been reading since 2006.  We'll see whether or not I begin contributing for college basketball - I understand and enjoy the game but I can't analyze it with the confidence I have for football games. 

I share this to explain to my three regular readers why I haven't posted anything in three weeks.  There have been more than a few things happen worthy of blogging, but between my regular job and writing for the other sites, there hasn't been time.  So let's take a minute to review what's happened. 

First and foremost, we're going to get back more of the most under-rated show ever.  This past weekend it was announced that "Arrested Development" will return for a brief, ten-episode arc before being made into a full-length movie.  After football season is over, I'll have a post dedicated to the awesomeness of the show.

Shifting to baseball, two former Old Dominion baseball stars led their MLB teams to the playoffs.  Justin Verlander and Dan Hudson finished their seasons with 24 and 16 wins for the Tigers and Diamondbacks, respectively.  Verlander won Game 3 in the Tigers' series against the Yankees while Hudson fell to the Brewers in Game 2.  Regardless of how their teams fare in the postseason, it's been a special season for the two young pitchers.

The Old Dominion University field hockey team has reached #1 in the poll after winning its first dozen games this season.  The team defeated top-ten in seven of its first ten games this season.  Their success caught the attention of

In a topic that deserves its own complete thread, the Buffalo Bills opened their season with three straight wins and currently sit at 3-1.  In short, until the Bills make the playoffs, it'll be hard for me to get my expectations too high.  I believe in the team but their defense is not of championship caliber. 

So there we are.  There's been a lot of good news and even a bit of hope from the Bills.  It's been challenging to make time to post here regularly, but hopefully that will change.  Until next time!

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