Friday, September 9, 2011

College Football - Week Two

As I'm learning all over again right now, the first week of a diet is always the toughest.  If you're good enough to stick to your plan of eating healthy foods, your body has a difficult time adjusting...and lets you know about it.  If you do NOT stick to better eating, you get down on yourself mentally.  It's a lose/lose when you're going through it.  If you stick to the diet, the second week is much less aggravating.

For Old Dominon and Georgia State football, their first and second weeks are the exact opposite of dieting - they played teams with inferior talent (Campbell and Clark Atlanta, respectively) but gear up for a much more menacing opponent Saturday (each other).  Old Dominion will win if it can shut down the running game and force Bo Schlechter into throwing the ball.  Georgia State will win if it reaches 36-plus minutes in time of possession. 

We're going to stick with ODU winning a close contest in a "show me" game - Georgia State's seven program wins are over Shorter, Campbell, Morehead State, Savannah State, North Carolina Central, Lamar and Clark Atlanta.  A win over Old Dominion will be its best win to date.  The Monarchs themselves don't exactly have marquee wins but they have a better, longer track record of success on which they can rely (without losses to sub-FCS programs).  I won't be surprised to see Georgia State wins, but until they beat a quality opponent, I'll believe it when I see it.

I've previewed this game in further detail at the CAA Zone.  I've given a preview of this week's CAA Football matchupes on  It's the end of the week and I'm not going to repeat what I've written elsewhere.  And yes, I'm blaming that on the diet.

The Monarchs/Panthers game is on TV locally but I'm not sure I'll get to watch it.  (Damage from rain must be addressed.)  Regardless I will definitely be at the Villanova/Towson game Saturday evening; you can expect a write-up on that game within a couple days afterwards here and on Saturday Blitz.

Go, Monarchs.

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