Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to VBR Productions!

During high school we were required to take a foreign language.  I took Latin because I didn't think I could learn how to speak Spanish or French.  Little did I know that taking Latin would help me learn how Spanish and French words are derived from Latin.  It also taught me that good Latin is bad English.  By "bad English" I don't mean "grammatically incorrect."  Instead of saying "I think I'll write a blog," the literal translation from Latin would have been, "I think myself to be about to write a blog."  I'm still awaiting confirmation on whether blogs existed when Latin was common.

At any rate, I learned that I liked to write because of Latin.  Everyone told me to not pursue a career in writing because the job market was limited.  So instead I focused on a career involving math.  With the proliferation of blogs on the internet, I started getting antsy about creating my own.  The name of the blog ("VBR Productions") is vague enough to allow me to write about anything.  I'd have to say that my major hobby is following sports, but significant TV viewing and radio listening is up there.  There'll be a lot of sports, TV shows and music covered.  Living in Baltimore allows me reasonably quick access to lots of locations on the East Coast.  Who knows where this will take me?

Suffer the lack of dynamic graphics for now.  If I can't keep your attention with what I write without fireworks and pizzazz, then I have failed.  But I will make an effort to use more than the most basic blog template.

There are some great blogs out there, too many to name, but I wanted to thank Jerry Beach of Defiantly Dutch and Gary Moore of The College Hardwood for what they do.  The DD blog gets into college basketball with supreme enthusiasm and levity, while TCH takes a bit more in-depth analysis in the game.  Both writers have their own style and were the final tipping point to get me to start this blog. 

Let the blogging begin.


  1. Well geez Alice does the field hockey team know that you're missing?

  2. (That's my way of saying aww thanks for the kind words and welcome to blogging Maryann!)